Tim Nguyen

Tim Nguyen


Vietnamese born Quy "Tim" Nguyen was always interested in art as a child. He began his career as a interior designer, yet ever since he can remember, painting has been his favorite form of self expression. After a visit to the Hawaiian islands, Tim was so inspired he decided to move his family here. Painting is now Tim's full-time passion. His homeland still fills him with "strong emotions", which he draws upon... blending Vietnamese culture with life on the islands for an eastern flavor all his own! Nguyen's Paintings are collected worldwide.

The artist has authorized the creation of a limited edition of reproductions from the original paintings. These giclees are limited to 200 giclees per title. Also, a certificate of authenticity accompanies each reproduction describing the craftmanship and care that is put into each giclee. By using only the finest materials available and pigmented inks, your giclee is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The artist also offers reproductions on metal. This is the latest technology and has a unique look. Please call the gallery at 808-239-2992 for more information.


5"x 7"       $70.00
8"x 10"     $100.00
11"x 14"   $180.00
16"x 20"   $270.00
10"x 20"   $210.00
12"x 24"   $270.00
18"x24"    $460.00
18"x 36"   $840.00
24"x 48"   $1200.00