Patti O'Neal

Patti O'Neal, Hawaii Artist

Raised in Kailua, Patti has been involved with art for many years.  She started receiving awards for her drawings while young, and then moved on to 3D work during high school, culminating with a national award for one of her ceramic pieces.

She has worked with various media, from textiles to resin, metals to plants, creating art in many different forms, whether functional or traditional.  Her works show her ability and skill in a number of different styles and techniques, and her ease with a variety of subjects.

She has won recognition for both her 2D and 3D pieces in juried shows.  Patti currently works out of her home on the Windward side of Oahu.

Artist Statement:  "I find inspiration for my works in my surroundings and my travels.  I incorporate my interests and my emotions into my work while striving toward a sense of intensity in the spirit of each piece.

Starting with a concept, focused energy shapes and develops each work to completion.  To keep my work fresh, I create art in many different forms, styles and media.

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