Mary Beth Snider

After a sudden life change and relocation to the Hawaiian Islands, California born artist, Mary Beth Snider, found her inspiration and discovered her true artistic gift. In March 2005 Mary Beth took the leap and embarked on her career in the Art world. Today she shares that gift with people of the world. Now residing on the North Shore of Oahu MaryBeth utilizes Graphite, Color Pencil, & Inks to capture the life and spirit of all people. In doing so, she continues to remember her own. "Never formally trained, I was and continue to be inspired by Divine Guidance, my own self searching & those who have gone before me, faced their challenges, lived in faith, pursued their Dreams & Made It work, truly is shaped and characterixed by these things & the Spirits within us al. My portraits keep my spirit alive & It is truly a gift which I am so thankful to share with others."