original oil paintings by Jeff Andrade Hemmings

Bringing to light a new way of viewing the ocean and the life around it, the art of Jeffrey Andrade Hemming reflects the many moods of land, water and sky. Drawing from imagination, study, and skill, Jeff has developed a style which has been inspired by his natural setting. Jeff was born in Northern California where he grew up with his family and friends. He began painting at an early age and knew then that he wanted to make art and the ocean life long studies. He bean developing his very detailed style before his high school years. His mother, although very supportive, would never allow Jeff to use oils inside the house, so all his pictures were done in his back yard or garage. After High school he moved to Hawaii. It was there where his love for painting and the ocean began to flourish. His style remains the same as his early years, that of detail and many layers of paint. Today he makes his home on the North Shore where he is able to paint and spend plenty of time in the water.