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The term "giclee" is a French word meaning 'spray of liquid', and refers to a high quality inkjet printing process that was developed in the early 1990's. Most of the fine art giclees in our gallery were produced when the original painting was sent to a professional specialist printer, where the artwork was photographed using a super-high resolution camera.

The image was then printed on canvas using a large-format specialty 8- or 12-color inkjet printer.

Why Own A Giclee?

The advantages of buying a giclee include:

  • Accuracy of reproduction is very high, resulting in colors that are true to the original work.
  • Giclees are usually available in various sizes other than that of the original work.
  • A giclee is much less expensive than an original work.
  • Giclees are highly durable and fade-resistant.

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