Edyta Franczak

Edyta Franczak

Born in Poland in 1978, she became interested in art at an early age through observing her Grandfather's passion for painting.  The pressures of growing up in Poland at the time dictated that she take an academic path. 

Graduating from law school in the City of Gdansk, Poland, did nothing to dissuade her desire to be an artist; and in 2002 Edyta moved to the United States to pursue her passion.

In the United States, Edyta studied in San Francisco, Santa  Barbara, and the Islands of Hawaii.  Currently splitting her time between California and Hawaii, she creates oil paintings with an emphasis on figurative and portrait works. 

While trained to paint in the realistic manner of Old Masters, Edyta has diversified her repertoire to include paintings which reveal her whimsical side.  After having several shows in California and Hawaii her pieces are now being collected.

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