Darshan Zenith (Cruiser Art)

Darshan Zenith

Cruiser Art is the creation of two long-time Maui friends -- Darshan Zenith and Steve Rummel.  This unique art from captures the character as well as the rustic beauty of the nostalgic cruisers still found on Hawaiian surfing beaches.  Just as we see character etched in the leathery face of an elderly person or on the weather-beaten facade of an old building, this very same character and wisdom are found in the rusted and wrinkled sheet metal of the cruiser.

Employing the unusual canvas of diecast metal, Maui artist Darshan Zenith first meticulously and exquisitely "ages, dings and rusts-out" a museum quality diecast metal scale model -- in this case a 1964 Volkswagen Microbus model.  At the same time Darshan paints an original Hawaiian beach scene on canvas which he scans in to the computer.  A photograph of the "cruised-out" model is then added to the painted background.  In the final step Darshan painstakingly blends these two elements into one.  Is it a painting or is it a photograph?  It's actually both!