Dana Queen

Dana Queen

Dana Queen was born in Detroit, Michigan, and when she was five years old, her parents left the city for tranquil farm life in the country. She spent the next thirteen years surrounded by the beauty of nature and the pure love of animals, laying the foundation for her artistic future.

Later as Dana crisscrossed the U.S., preferring the warm coasts of Florida and California, she would enroll in college art courses at each stop. She learned to scuba dive -- to commune with the living, breathing wonders of the sea, that she could touch, feel and record on canvas. The beauty of life both above and below the water entered her soul, and become one with her art.

Dana met artist John Pitre, known as one of America's foremost surrealist painters, while skiing in the Rocky Mountain resort of Telluride. They lived there for five years, skiing in the winter and traveling in the summer, before returning to Florida. Their adventures were ongoing, as they bought a seaplane, learned to fly, and explored remote Bahamas reefs.

Dana and John moved to Hawaii over twenty-seven years ago and the merger of their talents in such a nurturing setting led them to new artistic heights.

In the Islands, Dana found an environment filled with an aesthetic charm both above and below the turquoise water. She lives and works in her studio in Honolulu, finding an unending loveliness in the fragrant flora, sunrises and sunsets, and the creatures of the colorful coral reefs.